Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jacksonville Celebrates the Arts, again!

We're happy to announce that we will once again be participating in Jacksonville Celebrates the Arts. We had a good time last year and this time our lovely new sister-in-law will be joining us. I'm told she makes beautiful jewelry though I haven't had the joy of seeing it yet. So it will be a treat for me as well. We'll be featuring some new items this year so come on down to the Museum in Jacksonville, Oregon on labor day weekend. We will be there on Friday and Saturday. If you can't make it we'll clue you in on all the fun you missed after the event.

Umm, is anyone still there?

How long has it been? I just wanted to invite you all to check out my new post on my other blog Gettin' my stitch on. Featuring this little lovely.

 The dress

not the child,

though she's awfully cute as well.