Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For the Birds

If you've read my other post-christmas posts, you know that I love to make handmade toys for my children. This season my son really likes Angry Birds. Are there any young boys that don't? Even before I had my tablet he would ask for shirts and toys at the store that had Angry Birds on them. So, I figured I would at least buy him a stuffed Angry Bird but I really wanted to crochet something. But what? I had lots of red yarn. THATS IT! How many opportunities do you think I'll have where the one thing he likes most is in the shape of a ball and really simple to make. I've seen crocheted superhero dolls but I'm not sure I'm at that levle yet. Of course I won't know till I try but christmas is all about spending time together. So I really wanted to keep things simple this year. I don't have a pattern for you 'cause I just make it as I go but if you have ever crocheted a hat and you like to experiment ( you don't mind undoing and redoing your work) I bet you could figure out the ball. It's a matter of adding and the subtracting stitches evenly. When the ball was almost done with an opening at one end, I lined it with red fabric (no stitching required) and filled it with poly-fill. I crocheted the ball, the brow and the top and tail feathers and stitched the peices to the ball with yarn. I also stuffed the top feathers. Then I hot-glued googly eyes and felt cut outs for the features ( soft felt for the belly and firm felt for the beak). Hot-glue drys hard, so you don't want to use very much. Only out line the felt on the belly. I also had to gently pinch the edges as I glued since it is a flat peice going on to a round object. Simple characters like this are so fun to make because it's always suprising how recognizable it is.

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